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Recorded conferences


Thank you to all the speakers for agreeing to share their presentations. One presentation contained extensive unpublished data that were removed from the online video at the request of the author (A. Keller). Another presentation suffered from a technical problem for which we apologize, so we divided it in two (L. Hénaut)


Jacob Bentzon – Osteochondrogenic conversion of smooth muscle cells in atherosclerosis


Elena Aikawa – Novel disease driver cell population and complex protein network in calcific aortic valve disease


Lucie Hénaut – Macrophages as key regulators in chronic kidney disease-induced cardiovascular calcifications

(second part coming soon)



Annika Keller – Brain Vascular Calcifications

(coming soon)



Vanessa Dubois – Sexual dimorphism in skeletal acquisition and maintenance: the role of sex hormone receptors


Marie-Annick Clavel – Sex and age differences in valvular calcification


Matthias Gunzer – Artificial transparency reveals a system of trans-cortical capillaries as main avenue for blood circulation in long bones


Marie-Hélène Lafage-Proust – Therapeutic approaches in bone disorders: lessons and limits for vascular and valvular calcification


Magnus Back – Resolution of Inflammation in Vascular and Valvular Calcification


Bertrand Cariou – Management of dyslipidemias: an update