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BBC1 – 27 Oct 2015

The very first edition of the BBC meeting was held in Nantes in October 2015. This was a one-day format meeting gathering international researchers in the field of bone and cartilage with the aim to foster scientific exchanges.

From left to right: Florent Elefteriou, Nicola Partridge, Valérie Geoffroy, Christa Maes, Francis Berenbaum, Laurence Legeai-Mallet, Graham Williams, Sarah Beck, Duncan Bassett, Laurent Beck, Reinhold Erben

BBC1 Scientific programme

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BBC2 – 5-6 Oct 2017

The success of this day led us to launch a second edition of BBC, featuring a one and a half day format, 2 additional conferences given by confirmed PhD students/post-doctoral fellows selected from submitted abstracts, and a cutting-edge technology seminar.

BBC2 Scientific programme

BBC2 Invited speakers

BBC2 Abstract booklet

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BBC3 – 30 Sept-1 Oct 2019

BBC is becoming a classic. The third edition of BBC took place on a half day format, as BBC2, allowing 11 state-of-the-art conferences!

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BBC4 – 29-30 Sept 2022

For this fifth edition, BBC has evolved to focus on the parallels between the pathophysiological calcifications of cardiac vessels and valves, and the mechanisms of bone mineralization. We had fantastic state-of-the-art conferences, and for the first time, most of them were recorded (see link below).

BBC4 Scientific programme

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