BBC past meetings

BBC1 – 27 Oct 2015

The very first edition of the BBC meeting was held in Nantes in October 2015. This was a one-day format meeting gathering international researchers in the field of bone and cartilage with the aim to foster scientific exchanges.

From left to right: Florent Elefteriou, Nicola Partridge, Valérie Geoffroy, Christa Maes, Francis Berenbaum, Laurence Legeai-Mallet, Graham Williams, Sarah Beck, Duncan Bassett, Laurent Beck, Reinhold Erben

BBC1 Scientific programme

BBC1 Abstract Booklet

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BBC2 poster

BBC2 – 5-6 Oct 2017

The success of this day led us to launch a second edition of BBC, featuring a one and a half day format, 2 additional conferences given by confirmed PhD students/post-doctoral fellows selected from submitted abstracts, and a cutting-edge technology seminar.

BBC2 Scientific programme

BBC2 Invited speakers

BBC2 Abstract booklet

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